Imitation Fruit Literary Journal
10 Year Anniversary Issue 2007-2018

Imitation Fruit's first issue published in 2007 featured poems, stories and art contributed by friends and San Francisco Bay Area locals. The journal has blossomed over the years into a vibrant, ever-expanding online literary destination for global talent. Want to read more about how the journal got its start ten years ago? Read editor Eva Barrows' guest blog post "A Decade of Imitation Fruit Literary Journal" hosted by writer and audiobook narrator Yvette Keller.

In celebration of Imitation Fruit's tenth year, we asked our contributors to submit content that honors life's many milestones. New love, helped along by a cute dog in the poem Bound Us Together by Johnny Masiulewicz and illustrated by Natasha Phillips depicts a hopeful new beginning. Mediha Saliba's short story Fifty sets the scene for new life adventures despite the negativity of those left behind.

Imitation Fruit milestone contest winning story, Pushing Cotton written by Rich H. Kenney, Jr. celebrates the life of a hardworking woman through the stewardship of a hospice worker. Her legacy is passed on to a deserving young person who appreciates the impact of her life even though they never met.

As always, this issue of Imitation Fruit is filled with fun and adventurous writing and artwork. Thank you to all of our contributors and readers for making this journal a success!

Let's Team Up Contest

What amazing or insurmountable goal can be accomplished when people join forces and work together? Have your characters flex their power as part of a team. A dynamic duo or a persuasive crowd-Let's unite to get things done!
Imitation Fruit's deadline for written content is June 16, 2018, for the 2019 issue. Find more info on how to submit at our submissions page.
The winner of the contest will receive a $25 gift card to an online retailer of their choice.

Imitation Fruit thanks artist John Barrows for creating our 10-year anniversary cover, a parade of fruit-delicious and light-hearted bursting through the finish line!

John Barrows is the art advisor for Imitation Fruit. His colorful drawings add to the journal's fun aesthetic. John has a BFA in illustration from San Francisco Academy of Art College. He worked in game graphics for many years, studied under a master artist in Italy and is a member of the Society of Western Artists. See more of John's artwork on his website

Eva Barrows, Editor