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Randall Sokoloff, author of Writers Block, resides in Oakland, California. He lives with his wife and cats in a very old Victorian home which is expected to come tumbling down any day now. To pay for rent and food he proudly teaches Creative Writing, English and History at an inner city school in Oakland. Aside from teaching and writing-Randall also paints, maintains an absurd blog. Randall has had stories and essays published in several literary journals and a few magazines. He is currently working on his first novel entitled “The Sex Life Of A Man Without One.”
Visit Randall’s blog www.absurdistry.wordpress.com

Alex Chiu, created the painting “Listen to Your Heart.” He is a 23 year old artist from San Diego. He recently graduated from the University of California San Diego with his bachelor’s in Visual Arts. Interested in the concept of visual storytelling, Alex is experimenting with ideas that developed from the comic book and graphic novel medium. Alex believes that “art has the power to speak to the heart, challenge the mind, and depict the soul.” He aspires to unite, inspire, and bring hope to people through his work.
Check out more of his artwork at http://alexchiu.carbonmade.com  or
visit his blog at http://alexblewup.blogspot.com