Imitation Fruit Literary Journal
Issue 14, October 2015

Choices are all around us every day, some for the better and some for the worse. Imitation Fruit explores life changing choices in issue 14 of the journal.

The Big Decision Contest winning story "The Price of Living," by Jake Teeny explores a dark world where men must decide if they value wealth over life with the largest consequence of all at stake.

In the short story "Passing the Cookie," by Denise Thompson-Slaughter, Stephanie gets to go back in time and change one thing. She makes a positive choice to help a loved one and the positive consequences of that one change are far reaching.

"Gone But Not Dead," a story by Margaret and Steven Mendel explores how a creative answer to a difficult choice can create unforeseen possibilities in the lives of the characters.

Thank you as always for choosing to stop by and enjoy Imitation Fruit Literary Journal.

Rebuilding Contest

Lets "Rebuild" in 2016. Submit short stories, poems and artwork that focus on the rebuilding process. Reflect on a situation where something went very wrong (natural disaster, relationships, illness, etc.) and seemed hopeless but somehow turned around.
The deadline for entries is April 1st, 2016. See the magazine submissions page for information on submitting content. The winner of the contest will receive a $25 gift card to an online retailer of their choice.

Imitation Fruit thanks Tina Wong for the beautiful cover art she created for the journal.

Tina Wong is a 3D art enthusiast. She graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Exercise Biology, Minoring in Nutrition and Art Studio. She also graduated with a certificate in 3D Animation in Game Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She wants to do 3D modeling for games and for biological visualization. Her main genre of interest is in Sci Fi and Fantasy art, which is the type of game she would like to work on. See more of her artwork at her website,, and at her DeviantArt page, Check back as more art will be added.

Eva Barrows, Editor