Imitation Fruit Literary Journal
Issue 11, November 2012

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We sure are glad you came by to enjoy Issue 11 of Imitation Fruit. Several stories and poems in this issue explore the facades of life. Characters seem like they are happy, they know where they are going in life, or are above all judgment but they really are not.

Jump with Joy, poem by Nancy Chen Long, depicts a stranger trying to fill the void in a little girl’s life by giving her a pogo stick unfortunately the toy only gives her temporary happiness.

A Crime of Passion, story be Ania Payne, follows a butcher turned vegetarian who wants to win the affection of an anti-meat protester. He is conflicted about the way he lives his life and how he would like to live it.

He's Not Famous He's Dead, poem by John McKernan shows how a famous writer even with an unsavory personal past can be brought back to life, deserving or not, by new readers finding his books and praising his work anew.

As you explore the new issue of Imitation Fruit try to pick out what the characters of the stories and poems would like you to see in them versus how they portray themselves through their actions.

The editors at Imitation Fruit would like to thank our contributors for another great issue of wonderful content and thank our readers for taking time to enjoy the issue.

Animals and Their Human's Contest!

Imitation Fruit contest returns for issue 12! Help us celebrate the special bond that humans have with their animals. Animals are a big part of many people’s lives. Animals are companions, playmates, hard workers, helpful, skillful and amazing. Submit your story, poem, or artwork exploring this special bond between humans and animals. The winner of the contest will receive a $25 gift card to an online retailer of their choice.

Eva Barrows, Editor