Issue 18 of Imitation Fruit Literary Journal is ready to be devoured all in one sitting or nibbled on over the course of a few days or even months. There's no rush. Enjoy the fun and upbeat poems, artwork and stories found inside at your leisure, and please, share the gooey goodness with friends.

The short story "Blood Brothers" by author Maril Crabtree won our Make a Change Contest. Crabtree's main character agreed to go on a journey out of his comfort zone to arrive at a whole new appreciation for the human and animal beings around him after surviving near disaster. The adventure of trying something new always comes with the possibility of change.

Imitation Fruit art director John Barrows contributed his art piece, "Coming Together," for this issue's cover. It illustrates the power of working together to build a stronger global community. Barrows' piece was also featured online and in person at the Walt Disney Family Museum's "It's a Small World" virtual community art exhibit.

Find more examples of change forging new paths in this issue of Imitation Fruit Literary Journal. As always, thank you to all of our contributors and readers for your continued thirst for this delectable concoction.

Plug-In & Connect Contest

This issue's contest is all about characters finding a deeper level of connection with their fellow beings-human or otherwise. How do your characters connect for mutual assistance, emotional support, understanding? Submit short stories, poems and artwork exploring the meaning of true connection and the nourishment it can supply.

Submissions are due July 6th, 2022. For more info on how to submit, read our submissions page.

The contest winner will receive a $50 gift card to an online retailer of their choice.

Eva Barrows, Editor