Imitation Fruit Literary Journal
Issue 5, November 2009

Welcome to the 5th issue of Imitation Fruit. In this issue two succulent poems about strawberries are featured to remind us of the sweet summer fruit during the cold and dark days of winter. Whenever you feel nostalgia for summer, come back and visit the stories and poems here in the fruit basket!

Ungelbah Davila won the “Relationship” writing contest posted in issue 4 for her poem: Quality Stalking with Steve: Primitive Technologist. The poem has a modern take on dating and relationships and is posted in this issue for your reading pleasure.

If you enjoy the stories, poems and artwork in the journal please feel free to share the journal with your friends. If you are interested in submitting your own artwork or writing please check out our submission guidelines and share your work with us.

Thank you for visiting Imitation Fruit and we look forward to seeing you again!

Eva Barrows, Editor


Table of Contents

Stories and Art